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Guide to the Basilicas of the JubileeGuide to the Basilicas of the Jubilee
A guide about all the Basilicas of the Jubilee in Rome

Author(s) Roberto Vicchi
Price: 12.00 euro

The new monograph written by Angelo Tartuferi

Author(s) Angelo Tartuferi
Price: 12.00 euro

After Vermeer here you are the second title of the new SCALA monographs

Author(s) Filippo Pedrocco
Price: 12.00 euro

Super Guida Antico EgittoSuper Guida Antico Egitto
Le meravigliose collezioni del Museo Egizio attraverso un racconto pieno di curiositĀ. Una guida divertente per organizzare il tuo "viaggio" nell'antico Egitto

Author(s) Eleni Vassilika
Price: 8.50 euro

Vermeer passe partoutVermeer passe partout
A collection of five prints representing the main works of one of the most popular Flemish painters: Jan Vermeer, packaged ina an elegant folder from exposure.

Author(s) AAVV
Price: 14.00 euro

The VaticanThe Vatican
This book is intended as an introduction to the religious and artistic aspect, without forgetting historical and cultural aspect.

Author(s) Papafava Draghi Cecchi Mori Broglio
Price: 16.00 euro

Nice pocket book about raphael

Author(s) AAVV
Price: 4.90 euro

Colour the Egyptian Museum (recommended for 3-10 year-olds)Colour the Egyptian Museum (recommended for 3-10 year-olds)
A fun book created especially for children visiting Turinís Egyptian Museum.

Author(s) -
Price: 5.00 euro

Masterpieces of the Museo Egizio in TurinMasterpieces of the Museo Egizio in Turin
The guidebook introduces the collection from the Museo Egizio di Torino which has been steadily enriched over the course of the years.

Author(s) Eleni Vassilika
Price: 12.00 euro

Guide to the Masterpieces of RomeGuide to the Masterpieces of Rome
The Eternal City is introduced by a selection of the most famous and extraordinary works of art along an itinerary that winds through the city from the Palatine to the Esquiline hill, from Campus Martius to Vatican City. This selection focuses on the arch

Author(s) Giovanna Uzzani
Price: 12.00 euro

not available

Author(s) Lutz Heusinger
Price: 11.00 euro

The David by MichelangeloThe David by Michelangelo
This book shows the statue of David in way it has never been seen before, with extremely high resolution close-up color photographs It is not only an art book, but a real cult event for everyone Introduction by Antonio Paolucci.

Author(s) Cristina Bucci, Chiara Lachi
Price: 12.00 euro

Florence Unforgettable- a Guide to 100 MasterpiecesFlorence Unforgettable- a Guide to 100 Masterpieces
Florence is the home of one sixth of the artistic heritage of the world. This book suggests four itineraries to discover the most important masterpieces in the city.

Author(s) Giovanna Uzzani
Price: 19.00 euro

Venice Where to FindVenice Where to Find
This volume can lead the reader through new pathways, following the steps of five artists of the Venetian Renaissance who made the greatest contributions to the glory and fame of Venice. Five itineraries wind through churches and museums.

Author(s) Ruggero Rugolo
Price: 9.30 euro

Etruscan PlacesEtruscan Places
The most recent contribution to the comprehension of the Etruscan civilization, written with scholarly precision and ample documentation. The text is interrupted at intervals by inserts which focus on thematic studies of Etruscan culture.

Author(s) Giulio Paolucci, Maurizio Martinelli
Price: 18.00 euro

The landscapes and the art of Tuscany, in a sort of ideal travel diary full of details and exciting illustrations. The number of pages has been reduced this year to make the book handier and particularly adapt to use as a tourist guide

Author(s) Franco Cardini
Price: 12.00 euro